How do you live your "dash"?

Days go by

Not a day goes by that I don’t face multiple challenges, mentally and physically, but especially lately, I’ve had a hard time knowing what to post on here that would be deemed “positive” so I’ve just left it alone.  After all, this blog is geared towards my endeavor to achieve a state of happiness in 2014.  Reality dictates that’s just not possible all the time and a mental state of happiness can come and go so effortlessly for many of us.  I envy people who seem to have that whole “zen” attitude down pat and nothing ever seems to rile them.  I want that SO badly!

I am making extreme efforts this week to get back on track and keep as positive a mindset as I can.  If I let the haters keep me down, they win, ya know?  FUCK THAT NOISE!!!

I find this particular song to be really inspiring and uplifting:


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