How do you live your "dash"?

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Again


Ever since yesterday, I feel absolutely awful for making the rash decision to be the messenger of some not so nice news to someone I really care about, thinking at the time I sent her the message that she deserved to know what had been repeatedly said about her, by someone she’d really looked up to.  I should have kept my stupid memory to myself because as soon as I sent her the message and then re-read it, I realized just how harshly it probably came across to her.  I pray she can forgive me for the anger, pain and icky feelings it resurrected inside her.  It was not my intent to cause her pain, but it happened anyway, because I often have what some might call “foot in mouth” disease, where I overshare and in the process, unintentionally offend someone.  I really care about her and I care what she thinks about me, and even though I’m just “the messenger”, it’s completely understandable that she may need some time to cool off before wanting to talk to me again.  I just hope that she WILL want to continue being my friend, because I care very much about her!


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