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Looking forward to 2014

“Behold, the former things have come to pass; now I declare new things.”  ~Isaiah 42:9

I was very excited to hear my husband recently say he is going to try to stop smoking again this New Year and begin eating healthier and exercising more.  I look forward to having my “gym buddy” back!  We’ve come to an age where you either use it or lose it. 

I was pleasantly surprised to be carded at the grocery store the other day.  I’d like to experience that feeling more often!  She genuinely seemed surprised to read my birth date on my license.

This past year has been extremely challenging in many ways and I pray that 2014 will be a better one for all of us. 

I’m very excited for the arrival today of an early Christmas present from my husband:  a special glowing LED polypro hula hoop for me from, called the Cotton Candy Rainbow Hoop.  This is what it will look like in motion:




Removing Toxic People from Your Life

Removing Toxic People from Your Life

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Again


Ever since yesterday, I feel absolutely awful for making the rash decision to be the messenger of some not so nice news to someone I really care about, thinking at the time I sent her the message that she deserved to know what had been repeatedly said about her, by someone she’d really looked up to.  I should have kept my stupid memory to myself because as soon as I sent her the message and then re-read it, I realized just how harshly it probably came across to her.  I pray she can forgive me for the anger, pain and icky feelings it resurrected inside her.  It was not my intent to cause her pain, but it happened anyway, because I often have what some might call “foot in mouth” disease, where I overshare and in the process, unintentionally offend someone.  I really care about her and I care what she thinks about me, and even though I’m just “the messenger”, it’s completely understandable that she may need some time to cool off before wanting to talk to me again.  I just hope that she WILL want to continue being my friend, because I care very much about her!

Purple Jägermeister Kazoo from COC (yay…wee!)

I just found the purple Jägermeister kazoo I got from Corrosion Of Conformity when I first moved to Raleigh, NC, hid away in a side pocket of my red Rampage bag in the closet!  I think I’ll use it to sing “Happy Birthday” to my mother-in-law on Winter Solstice.

15 Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

My dear friend Donna Walser shared this article with me today:

15 Tips For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Make a Difference

It only takes
to offer welcome…
and blessed be the person
who will share it.

It only takes
to be helpful…
and blessed be the person
who will spare it.

It only takes
to lift a spirit…
and blessed be the person
who will give it.

It only takes
to make a difference…
and blessed be the person
who will live it.

~by Amanda Bradley

Smile! It loods good on ya!

I made a conscious effort to smile at everyone I encountered today, despite how awful I physically feel, and the smiles I got in return lifted my spirits and literally gave me a full-body “warm fuzzy” buzz!  You never know how something so small and simple as a genuine friendly smile can affect total strangers on any given day.  I highly recommend everyone try this as often as possible.  People may not share my values or political views, but smiling and kindness are universal!


Me, with friends, in the rain, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Raleigh, 2013

Me, with friends, in the rain, celebrating St. Patrick's Day in downtown Raleigh, 2013

How do you spend your dash?

A poem by Linda Ellis…Image

I read of a man who stood to speak
at the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on her tombstone
from the beginning…to the end.

He noted that first came the date of her birth
and spoke of the following date with tears,
but he said what mattered most of all
was the dash between those years.
For that dash represents all the time
that she spent alive on earth…
and now only those who loved her
know what that little line is worth.
For it matters not, how much we own;
the cars….the house…the cash.
What matters is how we live and love
and how we spend our dash.
So think about this long and hard…
are there things you’d like to change?
For you never know how much time is left.
(You could be at “dash midrange.”)
If we could just slow down enough
to consider what’s true and real,
and always try to understand
the way other people feel.
And be less quick to anger,
and show appreciation more
and love the people in our lives
like we’ve never loved before.
If we treat each other with respect,
and more often wear a smile…
remembering that this special dash
might only last a little while.
So, when your eulogy’s being read
with your life’s actions to rehash…
would you be proud of the things they
say about how you spend your dash?